Second Time Submission

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Checking In

I have nothing to write.  Nothing creative...or thought provoking....or funny....or poignant....or insightful.  My mind is mush.  I'm getting ready to start back to school next week, K's son is getting married on Saturday, I get to keep the baby for 2 nights (and spoil him rotten), and my kids are making me crazy. 

I've been very sweet and submissive to K...mostly, with only a few "reminder" spankings.  I go to the doctor tomorrow to see about getting back on my "sanity" pills.  I'm a bit's kinda like the first day of school.  Why do doctors make one so nervous?  I keep reminding myself that she works for me...but it still makes me anxious.  Maybe I'm just afraid she'll tell me what I already know...I need to eat healthier, exercise more, take vitamins, get plenty of sleep, lose some know....

Anyway, life is calm...for now...the weather is hurricanes or earthquakes in sight. 

I'm loving reading every one else's blog entries.  Hopefully, I'll have something creative/thought provoking/funny/poignant/insightful soon....but til then....I'm just checking in.

Have a great week all!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

HA HA! I was Right!!

Before reading, please understand that most of the following exchange was done with an air of humor and levity......if it was serious, I wouldn't take such pleasure in the result....

So, a couple days ago, before my hate mail rant, I was telling you about the new plan of action K and I had established to get me out of my snit filled attitude.  It's actually something I came up with, and he helped me tweak (isn"t he so helpful?).

I actually made it 2 days before it came into effect....I will now pause for a brief moment of applause.

I should be contrite....I should be reflective....I should feel just a wee bit bad.....but I don't.

Because you see......I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!  HA HA!!  Did everyone catch that???  I WAS RIGHT!!

I have been really sweet for the past few days.  Not because of the threatened spanking, but because I finally feel more at peace with myself and K.  We have acknowledged the problem, come up with a plan, and are moving forward.  Things have been really good around here.

Last night, I came home where K was waiting for me.  This doesn't happen much as he usually works later, but he got done early and I had a tennis match that went longer than anticipated.  He was waiting for me with some good tunes and a nice cold beer (I just love coming home to him).  We were rehashing our day, laughing over some of the antics of the school kids I had taught that day, and generally just enjoying our time together til the kids came home.

We went out to start the grill when he said,"Oh baby, the funniest thing happened to me today."

He went on to relate a story of how he had run into the aunt of his son's ex-girlfriend, blah, blah, they had discussed the kids, how his son is getting married next week, yada, yada, yada. 

Now let me just say, I am not really a jealous person unless it's something blatantly flirtatious, so a harmless interaction like this really doesn't bother me.

HOWEVER, if you read my blog, you know that K is EXTREMELY psychotic jealous of any interactions I have with members of the opposite sex. AND, we just had an issue with this very thing last week over which I got paddled pretty severely....lesson learned (for me atleast).

As he finished his story, I just stared at him (yep, I'm learning a few things from my HOH)

"What?" he said, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Really?", I said," You just stood there and had idle chit chat with some RANDOM woman?" (this is one of his favorite sayings about men I encounter).

"Well, she kinda took me by surprise."

I stared

"We were talking about the kids"

Still staring

"I didn't want to be rude."

Really???  How many times have you told me I don't have to be nice to every guy who talks to me...that's it's okay to be rude and walk away??

"Honey, she was really ugly."

So, as long as I'm only talking to ugly men, that's ok?

"No, ofcourse not. But I'm the top and I have a different set of rules."

Are you kidding me?  You're not going to hold yourself to the same set of standards?  Let me just stop here and say, at the beginning, I was really only giving him a hard time and a dose of his own medicine...but now, I was getting a bit irked.

So I came back with this gem....."So, if I just had some random conversation with an ugly man I don't really know for no real reason, you'd be perfectly fine with it?"

He stared at me...I could see the wheels turning.....wait, wait......"No, I wouldn't.  You're right.  I'm sorry"

Excuse me?  I didn't quite hear that....what?

"You're right, I'm sorry.  It just happened before I knew it and I didn't want to be rude."

Well Hallelujah and pass the marshmallows...didn't I just use that same reason last week????  I'll be darn....

"Ok, you're right, I'll try to be more reasonable in the future.  I said I was sorry, and you were right, now lets move on."

Did I let it go?  Secure in the satisfaction of my right-ness??  Did I take the high road? 

Ofcourse not....I was smug....I was self-satisfied.....I was over the top.

I basked in my glory for about ten minutes....then I got 5 hard swats and a warning to knock it off or we would be having a "meeting" later.

So, I stopped...but I'm still smiling today...just a little.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hate Mail happened.....

I don't know whether to laugh, be sad, ignore, or react.....

It was only a matter of time I guess....maybe I should be flattered....

Nah, I don't think so....

I got my first couple of hateful, hurtful, ignorant comments.

I was just saying to a fellow blogger the other day that I hadn't received any really hateful, rude or mean comments...probably because my entries aren't all that controversial.

Guess I was wrong.

My first inclination was to delete and ignore....which I did....but since I'm not really the "sweep in under the rug and pretend it didn't happen kind of girl", it's still on my mind.  I am also a "don't reward bad actions with a reaction" sort of girl too. 

But, I feel I must respond....just this listen up!

To LOL, M Lynn, Anonymous, and anyone else who feels the need to leave hateful and ignorant comments about my posts:

You came to my site on your own accord (that's means willingly).  You sat and read my entry from start to finish.  You don't have to agree with my lifestyle any more than I have to agree with yours.  Your opinion is of no importance to me if you cannot phrase it in a respectful way.  I do not care about your perception of the bible or god's love.  You obviously have plenty of time on your hands, so here are some suggestions of things you can do other than take up MY time reading your ignorant, intolerant opinions:

1.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen
2.  Read to the elderly
3.  Keep America beautiful and clean up some litter.
4.  Visit your local animal shelter
5.  Donate blood
6. Garden
7.  Volunteer at a local school
8.  Read a good BOOK (not a blog)
9.  Meditate
10.  Pray for yourself and your intolerant attitude...honestly, WWJD?

You can do anything you want, but and let me put this so I will be perfectly clear.....


Your comments will not be read or published...they will be deleted upon receipt and no more thought will be given to them.  If you don't agree with my lifestyle and would truly like to discuss in an adult, open-minded manner, by all means, leave a message...if not, get a life and move on.

This is the first, last and only time I will take time out of MY day to respond to insensitive, close-minded people.  Go google somewhere else.  You're wasting my time.

To all my other wonderful blogging friends, I will be back to my normal, sweet self in tomorrow's blog and I'm sorry you had to waste your time with this....Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New Action Plan

I have an attitude problem.

I'm not sure where it came from, but I wish it would go back there.  I'm tired of the way I'm acting.  I stopped taking my Paxil about 3 months ago, which coincidentally, is about the time my attitude showed up.  Hmmm...correlation?  Probably

I don't want to be on meds...I really, really don't.  But I'm beginning to think maybe I need to be.  I really thought once I got through my major life-stressors, that I could leave them behind.  I'm beginning to re-think that position.

Because THAT position is causing me to be in another not so fun position, getting some not so wanted attention.

I am bitchy....and rude.....and fly off the handle...and raise my voice....and fight to the death over the STUPIDEST things.  I'm tired of it....and K is tired of it.....and it's taking a toll on our relationship.

So, I've come up with a plan of action:

1.  Call the doctor!  I have an appointment next week with a new doctor (ugh) to review my chemical needs.

2.  Ask for K's help.....gulp....can't believe I did it, but something has got to give.  It's my deal...I know it and I need to fix it, but I need him too.  So this is what we came up with....

A.  There will be a low to zero tolerance for bitchiness, rudeness, raised voice, or general disrespect.  I have been raising my voice to K and not even realizing it...that's how out of hand it's gotten.

B.  There will be swift and sure consequences at the moment of the occurence...a couple hard swats usually get my attention very quickly and let me know he means business.  In the past, he would try to "talk me down" or reason with me.  Right now, I am not a reasonable person.

C.  If any correction of the above sort is needed during the day, we will have a meeting that night before bed where it will be addressed again.  He's already told me he will not hesitate to use the paddle...every night if need be.  Have I ever told you how much I hate that frickin' paddle?

D.  I have a tendency to get rude and disrespectful during our phone calls.  K's office is almost 2 hours away from our home, so he does A LOT of driving and we have a lot of phone calls to each other.  Somehow, I almost always use this time to push the boundaries of my tone and attitude.  No more....he will call me on it with one warning only...then I will be waiting....probably without any pants for him to get home...and it will be dealt with not only then, but during our "meeting" before bed.

E.  He will use more mental exercises to get me back into my submissive mindset....I'm not sure what that entails, but I'm sure it will be effective.

I asked him if he found this all I ask too much? Am I too needy? 

He fully embraces all of my suggestions.  He said he's been thinking the same thing, but he doesn't want to rule with an iron fist...he doesn't want to stifle who I am....but he agrees that something has to be done, it's gotten way out of hand. 

And he told me he was proud of me for recognizing the problem, and taking the responsibility not only for my actions but in trying to find a solution to fix it.  He also said that he wasn't "playing".  If I just wanted a spanking every night, to just say so...b/c if I asked for and agreed for this, it was going to happen....every day....and every night....until it was better.  He said he would work on the way he talked to me also, that respect goes both ways.  I'm ashamed to say he's been much better about this than I have lately.  But it's going to has to.

I want us to be ok.  I want to be the best person I can for him and for us.  I want this to work.....and I really think it will.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Punishment

I'm back!  It's been a ridiculously busy week around here.  I substitute taught in a 5th grade class all week (since MY preschool doesn't start until after Labor Day) and my two youngest had 3 tennis matches in the evenings.  By the time I got home, made dinner, socialized with the boys and K...I was ready for BED.  Also, K really doesn't like it if I'm on the computer in the evenings when we have time together...which is cool b/c being with him is my favorite pasttime anyway!

I wish I could say that all was smooth sailing this week.  We had a maintenance issue last Sunday (thanks to all who sent their best wishes, great advice or just moral support) but we've been working on our communication and compromise.

Unfortunately, it all came crashing down Thursday night....and it was almost totally MY fault.  I had a temporary moment of insanity.....that caused a huge rift between us that is just now starting to heal.

K and I have a contract for our Dd relationship.  It clearly states the rules and consequences regarding my actions, his reactions, everything that encompasses our lifestyle.  I know it, I agreed to it, I live by it...and so does he.

One of our "golden" rules is that I am NOT to respond to texts or phone calls from other men (outside of work or family) without discussing with him first.  There is a very good reason for this rule....and we both know it.  I have been punished for this before...I get a text, and I think I have to respond immediately.  The last time this was an issue was a year ago...and seriously, I really haven't been punished for anything too severely since that time.

I don't know if it was the length of time since my last REAL punishment, I don't know if I thought I had more leeway than I thought, maybe the stars were misaligned...or maybe an alien invaded my body.   Regardless, I was sitting at yet another tennis match.  I was watching two matches simutaneously (both my boys play at #2 singles and the other at #3), texting K and my oldest son, talking (ok, listening, to my mother go on and on.....) and steadfastly ignoring my ex-husband and his new "cutie pie" girlfriend (pause while I puke in my mouth a little).

That's when it happened....ding.....TEXT!!

Unfamiliar number.....hmmm...should have been the first warning....

"Are you and K going to be in town on Sept. 9"

Without thinking I texted back, "Who is this?"

"It's___________(insert man's name here)"

Now, I should have stopped right there....instantly.....because not only does K not like me texting back men....he REALLY does not like this man......for no really good reason, he just doesn't.

Did I stop.....hell no.....

"Hi ____________________!  I think we will be, why?"

He goes on to say he and his wife (who is a friend too) will be in town, thought we could get together.....

I should have stopped....instantly.....did I???  Hell no

"Give us a call and we'll see if we can get together" is what I responded....yep....I sure did.

When I got home, I was talking to K about my day, the match, etc.   Then I casually (yep, my brain STILL hadn't kicked in) mentioned to K that _____________ had texted about the 9th.

"He did what?"

"He wanted to know if we would be in town"........dead silence......uh oh....scramble...stutter....back pedal....counter accuse.....get mad.......

Instead of owning up to what I had done.....fully knowing I had done it...and I was DEAD wrong....I fought....tooth and nail......I threw every excuse in the book at him....I yelled....and stomped....and threw my phone....and all sorts of childish, immature was horrible....I was horrible....I was nailed...dead to rights......but I hadn't done it on just slipped....shouldn't that count for something????

Apparently not....we both went to bed seething......too much had happened to even think about fixing it that night.....we talked when we both woke up about 5 am...for two hours.....I finally had to admit that I was wrong....dead wrong.  And the fit I threw was absolutely over the top and uncalled for.  I should have just admitted what I had done (why do I find that SO hard to do????) and accepted my consequences.  He even told me he probably would have let me off with a lecture to not do it again.  Instead, I was going to be paddled that night.

I hate that paddle....I mean, seriously HATE it.  I don't know how some of you can say how much you like it, etc.....but I digress.  It is only used for the most serious consequences and I have only felt it once over my jeans.  That was NOT going to be the case for this.....and I had to wait all day b/c we both had to work.

I wish I could say I went willingly...contritely.....submissively....but I didn't.  I argued right up to the very end, but in the end, I got paddled....hard....and long....and I deserved it.  When I finally admitted it to myself, I could submit to the punishment....but the guilt and shame in my own head was so much worse.

It's over now...we've moved on....and we've talked alot.  K says he's gotten lax with me...and I've gotten careless....but no more....and after my little display, I can say that's what I need...atleast for a while.

Monday, August 15, 2011

What the Hell is Wrong with Me?

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? 

Last night was maintenance night at our house....just like every Sunday.  We went to "our spot"...we had our "talk"..and I got my spanking.   I haven't had one in almost 2 weeks...I've been really good and last week K said he just didn't feel like he wanted to give me one b/c we had  had such a good week and he just wanted to hold me and love me.

At the time, I was doing cart-wheels...yay for me!!  We still had our talk, etc, just no spanking...which was fine with me b/c I didn't want one.

We really didn't have any issues this week either.  It was busy and we had a couple disagreements, but we talked them through and they were resolved pretty quickly.

Yesterday, K and I played in a golf tourney (which we WON btw...).  About half way through I said something sassy to him...but totally kidding.  He told me I might want to watch it.."cuz you know what tonight is.... and there will NOT be a pass this week"  Again, mostly kidding... I think.

Fast forward to our "meeting".  He brought up some things he was concerned about.  Some of them are things that are beyond my control (see my post about hugging).  I keep trying to explain that I can't control what other people do...I can only control my own actions/reactions.  I don't know if this was still bugging me, I don't think it was...all I know is that spanking HURT.  And it really wasn't that rough...I've had far worse...but instead of reconnecting us and cleaning the slate...all I felt was sad....and defeated.....why is that?

What should I have done?  I told K how I was feeling and ofcourse his first reaction was that HE had done something wrong....he wanted to fix it....but I don't know how to fix it, because I don't know where the emotion is coming from.  I'm really confused....should we try again?  should we take a break?  how can I hit the "reset" button?  Have any of you had this issue?  How did you move past it?  Could it just be a hormone thing? (Aunt Flo is visiting)....I'm looking for answers.....where do we go from here?  I don't like this feeling ONE again, I ask....what the hell is wrong with me?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Still Learning and I'm So Sorry

To all my blogging friends....

I am not the sharpest tool is the shed when it comes to this blogging thing.  I noticed that I wasn't getting as many comments as I usually did, but just assumed everyone was busy or not interested in what I was saying.

I also noticed that I hadn't heard from a few of you who normally stop by.  Again, just assumed u were busy or not interested.

Thanks to my friend, PK, I now realize alot of your comments were going to my spam folder.  DUH!!!!  I feel like a real loser!!!  I just checked it and there are atleast 20 comments in there......color me stupid.

So, I will be going back and reading all of them today and tomorrow.  I am so sorry if you thought I was ignoring you or worse, was angry at your comments!  Don't know if I will be able to respond to all of them, but please know, I WILL read them and post!

Thanks PK for giving me the "heads up".  I'm learning as I go here about blogging (and TTWD).  If you see a problem in the future, please don't hesitate to tell me! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

K's Sweetie

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Calm

I don't have a dog-gone thing to post! I'm not as creative as some of you to come up with a clever topic and expound upon it....and honestly, I don't have the energy.

All is quiet on the western, eastern, and northern fronts.  My kids are back in school.  My older ones are back to college and settled.

K is working really am I.  We are really enjoying making our new house into our home.  I just love it here!

Life is good.....and calm.....for the moment.

I know things can change on a dime, so I'm taking the time to enjoy the moments of rest and peace.


Most important, relationship.......Excellent

Until the other shoe drops.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Happy Friday All!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back on the Horse

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, words, and emails.  K and I are much better today after a very long talk last night.  Wish I could say it was calm and adult-like the whole time, but I don't like to lie :)

However, it was productive.  I know my voice was heard.  I know he understands what I'm feeling.  I know he feels just awful.

I feel awful that HE feels awful. 

I guess the one's we love the most are the one's who have the capacity to hurt or wound us the most.  I'm working on moving past that and getting to the healing. 

It's like falling in love...if you never do, you never get hurt.  But you also miss out on what could be the most wonderful thing in your life.  If I harden my shell and never let him in b/c he might wound me, I'll never find the level of intimacy I know we can have.

It's all a learning process.  I'm truly blessed that I have a man who loves me enough to listen and adapt and try to not make the same mistakes over and over.  I love him enough to try again, without the shell.

It's all about the I'm climbing back up on the horse....without a net.....b/c he will catch me...I know he will.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I feel like I'm drowning.....

I reached out to K for my life jacket......

And he handed me a couple boulders......

I know we have all touched on this subject before.  Where do you go and want do you do when your HOH isn't perfect?  How do you react when he lets you down...hurts you....disappoints you?

Submission is such a tricky, scary, vulnerable place to be.  I let down my walls....took off my armor.....shed my shell....and exposed the most intimate parts of me for him. 

What do I do when he takes that gift and stabs me in the heart with it?

Now he says he is he says he didn't mean to hurt he says he needs me.....but I can't go there right now....not yet.

Now he says he was just angry and wasn't thinking....I know that....but it's not ok.  It's not acceptable. 

I'm sad.....

and angry.....

and hurt.....

and disappointed.......

and falling......I need him to catch me....but I don't want to be dropped......

How can one little comment cause so much strife?
How can he not know me well enough to know how his words affect me?
How can he not know how much I needed him to support me?
Why didn't he look beyond his own petty issues and see how much I needed him?
Why did he have to go after me in the most vulnerable place possible?

Why can't I just accept it was a mistake and move on?  Why isn't "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it" good enough?

I know he's not perfect....I know HOH is hard.....I know I expect a lot from him (but I do from me too)....I know we'll get past this.....

But right now.....

I can't......I don't know how......I'm drowning......and I don't see the shore anywhere in sight.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Just a Hug

I would like some advice from all of you out there in blogging world. How would this be handled in your home? 

I come from a very small town.  I have lived here most of my life (except for my jaunt to "the big town" for college).  I have raised my 4 sons lets just say...I know almost everyone.  I am a very affectionate/compassionate person.  If I see someone I haven't seen in a while, I will give them a big hug hello.  Let me clarify, before TTWD, I would have given them a big hug regardless of gender.

And there lies the problem.....

K did not grow up here....he does not know everyone....and he DOES not like anyone of the opposite gender making body contact with me other than a handshake.  I personally think that's really silly and petty, but he is pretty adament in his feelings and he is not going to change them any time soon.  Now, being the good submissive that I am (wink), I have truly tried to implement a "no-hugging" zone around me as much as I can in regards to men.

Here's the problem, K has finally relocated to my home town with me.  Every day, we run into someone I know.  What is the first thing that is usually done?  Yep, they shake his hand and lean in to give me a hug.  I've tried sticking my hand out as a pre-emptive, evasive move....but usually that just leads to them grabbing my hand and pulling me in closer for the hug.  Every time this happens, I can hear the steam escaping from K's ears.

I have tried numerouus times to explain that this is how a lot of people in small towns that have known one another most of their respective lives sometimes greet each other...I've seen grown men clap each other on the back in the middle of the supermarket! 

So, my question is...what to do?  I know how much it bothers him....but short of pushing someone away physically, how do I block that hug?   Please don't send me responses like he's crazy...or he should get over it...or anything along those lines.....he's not going to get over it and this is really causing a problem....for my rear.

So far, the compromise we've come up with is that I will attempt the handshake first....if the hug follows, it is to be VERY short and stiff....he even went as far as to demonstrate and have me practice....(ok, maybe he is a bit nuts, but he's MY nut, and I want him to be happy and comfortable).  He then drove the point home over his knee....and said he'd be watching.

I'm thinking of becoming a know, the crazy old lady with the 105 cats.....but I'm awfully young for that!

Anyone have any ideas how to set an "unhug" zone once it's already been established? Is this an issue with your HOH?  I could use some practical advice here.....and FAST.....maintenance is looming....I have a feeling this is going to be revisited tonight.....I need to go practice my hug avoidance manuevers.....I'll be waiting for all your advice.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank You All

Thank you to all who took the time to fill out the meme (didn't even know it had a proper name..thanks PK) that I posted.  I loved reading all your answers to my questions.  It's amazing that we live all over the country (and some even further), yet we have all bonded over TTWD and the desire to make our relationship stronger and healthier. 

I am doubly happy today, because through this meme business, I made some new friends and got some new followers!!  I have been following some of these blogs for a while, so it's very exciting for me to actually "talk" to them....yay!

Lastly, I have seen some grumblings around our little world lately.  I think that's probably inevitable given all our different backgrounds, education, upbringing, and experiences.  What I really like about our world is the fact that most comments and observations are met with genuine understanding and acceptance.  I have read some comments on some blogs that would really bother me if they were directed toward me; however, about 90% of the time..the comment is acknowledged, accepted, and a productive dialogue ensues.  Rarely, do I see anyone attacked for giving their honest opinion as long as it is given in a respectful, constructive manner.  I really like that.

So in closing, I'd like to share a sentiment I saw not too long ago that I think is very appropriate for our blog world:

Unity in Diversity

Keep the faith, my friends!!!

K's Sweetie 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Survey..

When I used to be on Facebook, I would get these surveys every once in a while.  I loved to fill them out and I loved to read my friends' responses.  I would like to get to know each of you a bit better if you would like to take the time to complete this.  Please skip any questions you don't feel comfortable answering...tried to keep the questions vague.

It's very easy....highlight my entry....copy it....paste it on your response...and change the answers to what you would like them to be.....or you can re-type the whole thing if you are so inclined...but that seems silly.

So here goes my survey with a little TTWD twist (with my answers):

What is your screen name?          K's Sweetie

How long have you been practicing TTWD?           18 months (and counting)

What is your astrological sign?               Libra

In what part of the country do you live?           Midwest

Do you have children?                    Yes, 5...all boys, 4 are biological and one is K's

Do you have grandchildren?            Two...Greenleigh and Grayson

What is your favorite color?             Blue

What is your favorite day of the week?              Saturday

Morning or Evening?                      Evening

Favorite TV Show?                    Mike and Molly

Favorite pro sport?                    Football

Favorite Ice Cream?                  Cold Stone's Cake Batter

Person from Blogland you'd like to meet?        Sara

Person from Blogland who makes you laugh?     Stormy and Rogue

Person from Blogland you identify with the most?    His First Mate, Kay from Trying to Learn, Laura from Not the Petries

First person who welcomed you to blogging?            Dancing Girl

Title of your first blog entry?                                      First Time

What are you wearing on your feet right now?            Nothing

What are you listening to right now?                           Ticking clock

Chocolate or Vanilla?                                                Chocolate

Coffe or Tea?                                                            Tea

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?                                     Diet Coke

Favorite alcoholic drink?                                          Michelob Ultra

Favorite vacation spot?                                            Vegas!! or the beach...any beach

Favorite Holiday?                                                  Halloween

Favorite season?                                                    Spring followed closely by fall

Place you want to visit?                                        Australia

If you had to start all over again, would you
still choose TTWD?                                               No doubt about it

Best piece of advice you can pass on about
TTWD?                                                                  It's not about the "me" or the "he"'s about the "us"

I hope some of you take the time to fill this out.  I know everyone is really busy and I won't be upset if you don't...ok, maybe just a little!  :)

Monday, August 1, 2011


  Who would have thought I could be saved by a horsefly?

Last night was maintenance night in our house.  K and I went to the spankatorium (his office).  We had a really good talk, reviewed our "contract", made some adjustments and revisions and generally re-connected.  I had been spanked 3 times in the previous 18 hours (one for discipline, one for reminder, one for pure fun), so I really wasn't expecting a really hard one for maintenance.

I had been across K's knee for a good warm-up and he was just getting to "the main event" when the craziest thing happened.  I began to hear this first I thought maybe all the blood was rushing to my head.  But no, it started to get louder....I checked myself to make sure I wasn't having a stroke....nope, all good....just some pain and heat in my rear.

The buzzing got louder.....K kept got louder.....still spanking.

Now, by this time, I am not concentrating on the spanking or the things K is trying to discuss.  All I can hear is this incessant buzzing.  What the heck is it?  Too big for a fly or a bee .......

That's when the mother of all horseflies decided to make it's appearance.....this thing was the size of a small hover-craft. 

This is what I heard..."We are doing this so you remember to be...MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?"  He yelled that because the horsefly had obviously take offense to the "offensive" he was taking out on my bare bottom.  That thing would dive bomb him every time he would raise his hand to deliver a spank.  As long as he sat still, it would hover by the ceiling, but let him even remotely raise his hand and it would buzz his head unmercifully.

I know I should have been quiet....I know I should have remained still....I know that's what I should have done, but I coudn't.  I started first silently....but the longer it went on...the more tickled I got....soon I had tears running down my face (not spanking tears, either) and I was shaking with laughter.

I kept picturing this horsefly with a suit of armor fighting the mean ogre to save the poor maiden's bottom.  I would like to say that his quest was fulfilled, but it turns out that K is deadly accurate with his belt.  He nailed that thing from 5 ft away....poor thing never even saw it coming....I know how it feels sometimes. 

Needless to say, our maintenance session was pretty much over,  I couldn't get rid of the giggles and K couldn't stop bragging about his "assassination" of my would-be savior.  "Baby, I hit that thing from HERE...first shot....Baby, did you SEE that?!"

We gave it a nice burial at sea.....RIP my little buzzing friend....your mission was accomplished.