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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taking Out the Trash

As I get older, you would think that I would realize that if you don't deal with a problem head-on, it will manifest itself somewhere else.  In an ordinary relationship, that might not be such a big thing.  In a Dd relationship, it can cause some major issues for your rear.

I am an only child.  I have a very complicated relationship with my mother.  Waaayyyy too complicated to get into here.  Let's just surfice it to say my mother is the queen of guilt.  I am really working on recognizing when I am being manipulated and not reacting to it. 

I spent last week with my mom and kids in Minnesota.  As you know, if you read my blog, K and I had some issues.  I think a lot of them were fueled by being confined in close quarters with my mother.  I don't feel like I can express myself with I "express" myself to K.  Much of the time, he doesn't appreciate my "expressions".

Anyway....back to today.  We were having a perfectly lovely day.  K was working in his office, I was finishing the breakfast dishes and working on some school work.  My cell phone shattered all that.....yes, it was MY MOTHER.  She had manufactured an "emergency" that I needed to deal with.  Now, normally, I would have rushed right in to take care of it, but this time, I took a step back, analyzed the situation, and decided "it's not my problem".  (That's my new mantra) She caused the issue, she needed to solve it without involving me.  Pleased with my decision, I went over to bounce it off of K before calling her back.  He agreed with my assessment and I returned her call.  She didn't like my decision, but the matter was settled.  I was pretty proud of myself; however, I guess I didn't realized how much it had taken out of me.

Right after my call, K made a joke about the trash bags I had bought for his office (yes, you heard me right, trash bags...I know, stupid).  They were way too small.  I took it as a personal attack...and MAN, did I fight back.....told him he didn't make himself clear on what he wanted, told him I didn't know the size of the trashcan, told him if he didn't like them, he could go get them himself (can you say transfer of anger?)...but I wasn't done yet...I stormed out of the office over to the house (while he was telling me to stop and come back....not once or twice, but about 5 times).....grabbed some other bags....stormed back over to the office and hurled them in his chair.  Nice tantrum, don't you think?  My preschoolers would have been sooo proud.

I started to stomp out when his steely voice stopped me.....STOP!!! DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE!  That finally penetrating my anger fog.  I stopped dead in my tracks....still seething.....really? over trash bags???

He took me by the hand and led me to the couch.  I thought we were going to talk....WRONG! As soon as he sat down, he flipped me over his lap and gave me about 12 HARD swats. 

"I was just teasing you.  Don't take it out on me because you're mad at your mom.  I don't deserve it and you are OUT OF CONTROL!  This is stopping NOW!"

I got the point....and the tears came....I hugged him and apologized.  He hugged me and said he forgave me, but he WOULD NOT be my emotional punching bag when I was angry with someone else. 

Point taken.....I'm sitting here with a burning bottom.  Next time, I will try to find another way to release my emotions.....maybe with a stress relief spanking rather than 12 hard swats from K.  It just wasn't worth it.

And next time....she's going to voicemail

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lesson Learned

So, when I finished my blog yesterday, I was awaiting a long, hard maintenance session after a very rough week away from K.  I admit, I was really dreading it.  Part of me knew I had screwed up with the whole phone debacle, but there were so many variables involved that it wasn't very cut and dried. 

I wanted to re-connect with him, wipe the slate clean and start over, re-establish our roles...but I couldn't quite wrap my mind around what was coming later in the evening.  It's been a long time since I've felt that apprehensive about an upcoming spanking and honestly, I don't know where it was coming from.  I trust K completely.  I'm not scared of him b/c I know he would rather die than hurt me (I know, sounds crazy but those of you in this kind of lifestyle know what I mean).

I did my best to go about my day.  K was working in the home office all day and I would go visit him every once in a while.  He must have seen something in my eyes or my posture.  He finally sat me down on his lap and made me tell him what was up.  It all came tumbling out (with a bit of prodding)...the apprehension, the guilt, the conflicted feelings....all of it.  This wasn't me trying to weasel my way out of a spanking or worm my way into something lighter....I'm honestly not sure what it was.

Now, let me stop for a second to interject this....there have been a couple blogs about respect in the past few days and its role in TTWD.  If I didn't know K respected me before, he sealed it yesterday.

Instead of forging ahead full steam which he had every right to do....he listened to me....he considered.....and he comforted me.  He acknowledged my feelings and his role in the whole crazy mess.  He backed away from his earlier statement regarding how long and hard the spanking was going to be.  I think he knew I was really freaked out.  He even told me we wouldn't do it if I wasn't completely sure.......

This wasn't inconsistency, this wasn't waffling,  this wasn't indecisiveness, this wasn't topping from the bottom.....this was my HOH seeing my distress and adapting for the good of both of us.

The day continued and although I was still worried, I was able to go about my routine.

After dinner, K walked me over to the spankatorium  office where our maintenance sessions take place.  I was already almost in tears (what is up with THAT?)  I think the guilt and remorse I felt for the whole incident was just overwhelming me.  We sat on our couch and talked about it all again.  We talked about how he felt, how I felt, what we both did right and what we both did wrong.  We talked about how to avoid the problems in the future. 

Then it was time....I was resigned to my fate.  I screwed up...I was careless....I made him feel unimportant and disrespected.  I should have been getting  paddled as a punishment and I knew it deep down.  I just wanted to get it over with.

K told me to stand up.....I did......

He told me to look at him......I did....with tears....

He took both my hands, pulled me on his lap and hugged me. 

"We're not doing this tonight.  I know you're sorry, I know you will try not to let it happen again.  Things have been messed up for a while now...I've been've had to deal with all the moving and kids and family and ME.  I just want to hold you."

I think I cried harder at that moment than I ever have from a spanking.  He had every right to spank the daylights out of me...I knew it and I deserved it.  But he put my well-being ahead of all that.  He got his point across and he didn't feel the need to exert his dominance just for kicks.

We talked long into the night...about how our lives have changed with TTWD, how TTWD has changed for us since we started it ( is our 18 month anniversary of DD), where we're going to go from here.  I'm going to work very hard on regaining my submissive role...he's going to work really hard on getting me there.  We both need this to's a big part of who we are and how we function. 

Who would have thought one of the biggest lessons I've learned about spanking came after a non-spanking?  It's a crazy world......but I have a man who loves me, respects me, and leads me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I can't believe myself sometimes.  I have the absolute WORST the absolute WORST time.

As you know, K and I have been apart for a week or so.  I was in Minnesota with my extended family and kids (kill me)...and K was back in New Orleans for work.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and make what could be the under-statement of the century....

We do not do well with separation!! 

When we are together, all is right (mostly) with the world.  When we are apart....not so much.

We are well aware of our limitations in this area and we have taken many steps to help remedy the problem.  Lots of talk, fights, compromise, trial and error, etc. I really thought we had finally come up with some solutions and guidelines that would help us get through these times. 

And they probably would have......if only I had used my BRAIN!!!  UGH!!!!!!

K has a "thing" about my cell phone....actually, K has a thing about HIS cell phone....he can't function without it for more than 2 minutes at a time.  I, on the other hand, love my phone...but it's not an extension of my being.  I can be away from it for almost an hour or more with no ill-lasting effects.  K does not get this AT ALL. 

We have discussed this many, many times.  He wants me to have my cell with me at all times unless I let him know that I don't.  (I refuse to take it into the bank, post office, library, etc....people talking loudly in these places DRIVE ME CRAZY!!).  He's not psychotic about it, he just wants to know he can get in touch with me if he needs to.  If I decide not to take it with me, he asks that I let him know that and get back in touch when I do have it.  Simple enough, right?  

Knowing we were going to be 1400 miles apart, K had repeatedly reminded me to keep in touch, keep my phone handy and keep him informed about what was going on.  I don't feel the need to go into the reasons why he asks that here....just take my word that his concerns are well-founded.  I agreed...over and over again....I was even reminded the morning I left with a rather firm/stern spanking....KEEP YOUR PHONE WITH YOU UNLESS YOU LET ME KNOW OTHERWISE!!...ok, got it.....

The drive to Minnesota was over 13 hrs...most of which I spent talking to K b/c he was heading 13 hours in the other direction.  As I drove into the camp ground, I told K that I was going to greet all the family, get something to eat, relax a bit and then call him. 

"Sounds great, babe.  Tell Everyone HI for me."

"Ok, text me when you get to New Orleans"

"Will do"

So, I roll into the camp where everyone happens to be outside around my cabin.  I got out to lots of hugs, kisses (from my kids), questions about the trip up, etc...etc....In the meantime, my nephew came rolling in with his new camper.....same round of hugs, kisses, questions, etc. for him.  The next thing I knew, an hour and a half had passed.  I reached in my pocket to check my phone......

not there....

are you serious?....

nope......not there.....

It was still on the car seat where I had tossed it....OH CRAP.....

not one, not two, not three.....SIX texts....and 2 calls....all from guess who.....

He was soooooo angry with me.....and who could blame him?  WE HAD JUST TALKED ABOUT THIS, not 5 minutes before I arrived. 

I apologized, I explained, I apologized....I was in BIG trouble....and it was the first day. 

K and I have the rule, if I am in trouble, and we were apart, he will inform me of what the punishment will be upon my return.  But he didn't say anything about punishment or consequences....just alot of disappointment. 

Our week went from bad to worse.  I think I blogged about it earlier.  K was holding onto his resentment...I was feeling was awful. We snipped at each other...we were short with each other...we were dismissive of each other's feelings....he felt I was not submissive and I was taking advantage of being so far away...I felt he was nit-picking every thing I said and did....we were both right...and we were both wrong.

Fast forward to yesterday when I got home.  We were so glad to see each other.  After the homecoming "festivities" were over, we really sat down to talk about how badly the week had gone.  It all came back to the first night and my complete "brain fart".  I kept apologizing....he kept lecturing. all came out...why he didn't announce the consequences right away.  He was afraid if he told me I would be paddled when I got home, that I would take that as a free ticket to act out the entire time I was there.

I sat there stunned.....that really hurt.....I thought we were beyond all that.  I had to explain to him that I don't follow our rules because I fear the punishment, I follow our rules b/c it makes our relationship makes us happier;therefore, it makes ME happier and more secure.  I thought he knew that, but I guess I had never said it in those was quite an eye-opener.  We live this lifestyle b/c it's what is best for's what we's what is going to pull us through.

Even though K's words hurt, they led us to a place of better understanding.  I thought we were already there, but we weren't. 

Tonight is maintenance.  K has said he is going to address the "phone issue" then as well as the other problems we had last week.  I have been promised a very long and hard spanking.  I'm NOT looking forward to it...dreading it in fact....but I know that is what has to happen so we can move forward.  I was was he.....but we're working on getting back on track.

It's good to be home.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Just So Hard....

Sometimes it's just so hard. 




Family Dynamics


I once heard that anything worth having doesn't come easily.  I guess I believe that...but I know I'm ready for some smooth sailing for a while.

I'm feeling very out of sorts.  There are lots of reasons for this....

1.  K and I just moved into our first house together.  We have combined two households into one and it's been ALOT of work.  Unfortunately, we only spent 4 nights there and then had to leave for separate destinations.

2.  K has been traveling almost non-stop except for the week we moved.  I've been trying to go with him, but living out of a hotel and having him gone for 12 hours a day gets old REAL fast.

3.  K is under a tremendous amount of stress financially right at this particular time and it's very nerve wracking for both of us.

4.  Our maintenance schedule is all off...and the couple sessions we did have were highly unsatisfying.

5.  I am trying to spend some quality time with my kids in Minnesota, while K is working in New Orleans...AGAIN!!

We have had a rough couple of days since I've been gone.  We are both missing each other so badly that we are short and snippy whenever we talk on the phone.  I hate when we do that.  It's like we're both miserable, so we take it out on each other.  I know I don't mean to....and I hope he doesn't either...but it just happens.  Everything I say, or everything he says is taken wrong.  We don't give each other the benefit of the doubt....we jump on every little remark or comment.  Our Dd relationship is totally out of kilter, but we can't right the ship because we are so far away from each other.

I wish this is something Dd could fix.  K tries to use it....but it just doesn't seem appropriate or adequate over the telephone or squeezed into the 10-15 minutes of free time we have. I want things back to normal.  I want our normal routine.  I want him to lead...I want to follow.  I want it all back the way it used to be.  I can't get a reconnection spanking when we are 1400 miles apart and I feel myself drifting and falling. 

We will both be home in 3 days.  I'm ready for the next chapter in our relationship.  I need him...I need Dd...I need us.  I want my stability back...I want our rules....and maintenance....and consequences.  I want the closeness that comes from TTWD.  I know this post is rambling...but that's how I feel.....rambling and roaming.

Summer is are great.....traveling is exciting....but in my opinion.....there's no place like home.  And my home is with my HOH......I'm ready.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So Far Away from Me

Greetings from beautiful Minnesota.  While the rest of the nation is gripped in 100+ degree heat wave...I awoke to beautiful blue skies and 75 degrees....ahhhh...heavenly.

The only thing missing from this pic is my K.  I headed north to the Land of the Lakes...and he headed south to The Big Easy.  We decided we couldn't be any futher apart north to south if we tried.  It's been a long time since we've been this far apart for any length of time....and I don't like it!  When we first started dating, we would be lucky to see each other for a couple days every month.  Now, I'm counting the days until we are both back home.

It's amazing how much we take  the little things in life that make us happy for granted.  Falling to sleep next to each other, reaching out in the middle of the night for that reassuring pat, waking in the morning to kisses on the neck (or better places...wink, wink).  I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I think mostly that is true.  But only in the physical sense.

Even though we are 1000 miles apart physically, I feel really good about how close we are emotionally.  I know couples who can be in the same room and still be 1000 miles apart.  TTWD has brought that closeness back into our life.  We talk and communicate better than we ever have.  We are learning to work through our problems without stony silence, yelling, etc. We take each other's feelings and needs into account.  We anticipate problems ahead of time and try to brainstorm compromises.

We are far from perfect, believe me.  We had a huge blow up the night before I left.  But it was silly and short lived.  We had another misunderstanding as soon as I got here, but I'm pretty sure we can chalk that up to anxiety and 13 hours of driving.  But we are learning about each other and ourselves each and every day.  I know this wouldn't have happened without Dd in our lives.

So even though we are separated by thousands of miles of highway...he's tucked tightly into my heart and mind. I'll still be glad when we're home again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Spanking Gone Wrong

A little while back, Sara ( wrote an entry about when a spanking leaves you angry.  I had one of those moments last night.  I feel better today, but I still feel somewhat short-changed.

K and I have been so busy with traveling, moving, I was sick, kids were home, etc., that's it's been almost 2 weeks since I've had a spanking.  Sunday night is always maintenance night at our house and I was looking forward to our "meeting" and the after activities.  Looking back, it seems like the universe was conspiring against us.  K has an office attached to our new house (the spankatorium).  We were all set for our meeting...I was freshly showered, ready/willing/and able, and we were starting our "discussion"....when a bat decided to fly into the scared the living daylights out of both of us!  K sent me upstairs to "wait" for him, but I discovered that one of the windows did not have a blind and anyone outside could see in and observe our to the main house we came.  (A real mood killer).

Take two....let's try again in our bedroom.  Our conversation started off well enough.  We talked about some issues we had experienced during the two week hiatus from spanking, what we each had observed in ourself and each other, what needed to change, what went wrong, what went right, etc.  Then our conversation turned to my upcoming vacation with the kids in Minnesota (he's got to go back to New Orleans).  I have been there with the kids before and there were a couple points that I wanted to clear up before I went.  Things that I know might be a "hot button issues" with us.  Instead of working for a solution we could both live with, I felt K was going out of his way to be antagonistic.  IMO, he kept throwing up road blocks to the discussion by bringing up others issues that really didn't have anything to do with what we were talking about.  All I wanted was for him to make a decision on how he wanted us to handle things.  I wasn't arguing with his decision...I just wanted him to make it.  But instead, he kept going round and round in circles.   So, what did I do? frustrated, raised my voice, began to cop an attitude.

He abruptly ended the discussion and started the maintenance spanking.  All through it, he kept saying how he was the HOH (I know that), how the final decision was his (I know that too!  Just make the damn thing already), how I had been disrespectful by raising my voice (I agree...but I was very frustrated), and how I was just trying to argue with him (THAT I would NOT agree fact, I continued to defend my actions even as the hairbrush continued to fall). Usually, I will agree with what he is saying and reinforcing.  But I would not cop to be the cause of this problem!   Finally, he quit...I was in tears...not so much from the spanking, but from the fact that K has always said that maintenance is a time for us to speak freely and work out issues we might be having or forsee having.  I was so hurt and frustrated that he had broken our agreement.

To my credit, I didn't withdraw...I didn't sulk....I didn't turn a cold shoulder.  I repeated how I felt...and I told him how I felt he had not held up his end of our agreement.  I reminded him why we had our discussions to begin with and how I felt he had let me down by not listening to me and working with me to find a solution. 

I know he heard me.  I know he felt bad.  We talked this morning, and I'm pretty sure he understands what I'm trying to say.  Ofcourse, I forgive him...but yet, I feel so cheated.  I was so looking forward to last night and all it entailed......and it fell REALLY short of those expectations.  I'm thinking I should ask for a re-do for tonight.  I'm hoping my words and feelings got through to him.....I trust him to lead me but I know occasionally he will stumble.  I want to shrug it off and chalk it up to stress/bad karma/sun spots/the universe/lack of sleep/new environment/hormones or whatever.

I want to let it go and start over.  I want to be an understanding and supportive partner...I don't want to hold a grudge.....but darn it, I want my spanking back!!  I'll keep you posted about Take 3....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Maintenance

There seems to be quite a bit of debate lately regarding the use and effectiveness of maintenance spanking.  Let me just say off the top, I am a BIG supporter of maintenance spankings in our household.  I understand that some subs shudder at the thought of a spanking "just because" or "for no express reason".  However, for me, these are the reasons we use them.

1.)  I am a tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool, 100% spanko.  I have been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember.  I don't know's just the way I'm wired.  Quite frankly, spanking (in the right context), turns me on.  However, there is NOTHING sexy or sexual about a true punishment spanking.  In my opinion, if you or your HOH is getting turned on by punishment, then you must not be doing what we are.  K is not "playing" when he wields that paddle for punishment.  I feel bad/sad/guilty/mad/disappointed/contrite, etc. when he punishes me....the last thing I feel is sexy or turned on.
If I only had this kind of spanking, I would be robbing both K and I of the sexual side of spanking.  The aspect that is the most fun.

2.)  Maintenance brings K and I together on so many different planes...emotionally, physically, mentally...we don't use maintenance just so he can smack my butt.  There is a whole ritual to it....starting with our discussion of the past week, clearing up grievances (on both sides), clarifying agreements, reconnecting as a man and a woman.  We have written the guidelines for our maintenance "meetings" they will be conducted, what I can expect, what I need from him, etc.  I know not all couples need such structure, but it works for us.  It opens the lines of communication and keeps them open.  I know I am being heard and K knows he is giving me what I need.  The actual spanking doesn't take place until both sides are satisfied with the discussion.

3)  Without maintenance, I know I would spiral out of control.  I don't have to worry about "when" the next spanking will come.  I don't have to worry that I won't be held responsible for my behavior.  We don't have hard feelings over lack of consistency.  There are no "ifs".  I don't have to act out to get his attention and the spanking I want and need.  I know it's coming every Sunday night.

4) I love the feelings a good, hard spanking leaves me with.  I feel loved and protected.  I know this man will take care of me...all of me.  Maintenance reinforces the roles we have chosen for our relationship. Sure, there are lots of other ways I am submissive to K, but submitting to his spanking reinforces my submission in the most concrete way (for me).  It is the physical act of giving my body to him...trusting him....knowing that  he can and will give me what I need.

5)  Punishment spankings can be scary.  They hurt....there are all sorts of other emotions involved.  Sexual spankings are erotic.  They are meant as a prelude to other fun activities.  I need something in between them.
Our maintenance meetings are meant to put me in the submissive frame of mind...sometimes K sends me to "think" about what is to come, or about some issue we have been having.  We have built in aspects to maintenance that I won't go into here, but that are designed to bring me back to my submissive side...depending on where I am emotionally at that time.  

For those who need a "reason" for a maintenance spanking, these are the goals we hope the discussion/spanking/aftermath will accomplish (yes, we have these written down also)...and we read them occasionally before the actual spanking:

Reasons for Maintenance in Our House...

1.  As a reminder to follow established rules and to be a "good girl".
2.  To firmly re-establish our roles as "HOH" and submissive.
3.  To avoid letting small issues interfere with our relationship.
4.  As a reminder that punishment spankings will hurt MUCH worse and should be avoided at all costs.
5.  To curtail any borderline behavior (nip it in the bud, so to speak).

I'm not saying this way would work for everyone, but it works for us. I can't imagine having it any other way.  However, each couple has to figure out how to navigate these choppy  waters for themselves.  For me, I'm happy with our arrangement.  It's working so far!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Happens at Your House?

Good Gravy I need a spanking!!!  Pronto!

I have had the world's worst ear infection for 4 started 3 weeks ago on our first trip to New Orleans...note to self...stay out of Gulf!  I home-treated it (yes, I do have my "Mom" doctor's degree) and thought it was better.


It came back Friday with a vengeance!  By Sunday morning when I went to Prompt Med, the doctor couldn't even fit the ottoscope (sp?) in my ear.  $250 later (office visit + meds), I am on the mend....but still very uncomfortable.....add in Aunt Flo...and YIPPEE, boy am I having fun   : (

K has been so sweet and caring.  It freaks him out when I'm sick b/c I hardly ever am.  He treats me like I might break...which is nice for a little bit....but I'm getting restless.

I want our routine back...I want to be able to lay on his chest without wincing...I want to be able to hear without saying "what??" two or three times....but mainly, I WANT MY SPANKING....can't even believe I just typed those words!

Seriously, I miss the closeness and the connection that our maintenance sessions bring us.  Which brings me back to my question, what happens to your maintenance and spanking schedule if you are sick?  I'm really interested to hear how you handle this....anyone?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Little Story.....

I need some stress favorite kind of stress relief.   I'm tired of being in the hotel room....entertaining myself.  Now I am a barrel of fun, but even I'm getting bored of myself.  My jokes are really lame and I feel like I already know the punch lines!!

So, indulge me please, while I spin a little fantasy.....any similarities to real-life persons or events is purely intentional...hehehe

I get a phone call.....

"I'm on my way home."


"Have you been a good girl today?"

"What else could I be....this room is 20x20....what could I possibly do to get in trouble?"

"Well for starters your tone and your sassy mouth..."

"Well you'd be sassy too if you were bored out of your damn mind all day!!"

"Bored hmmm?  I think I can find a way to entertain you."

"No, really, it's ok....I'm just snippy"

"yes, you are.  And I know just how to cure that.  I want you waiting for me...sitting on the edge of the bed.  T-shirt and panties...that's it.  And while you're waiting, think about how lucky you are to even be here in fabulous New Orleans....think about how you haven't had to cook or clean for a could be alone at home."

Now I start to feel guilty.   He's right...I am a spoiled brat.  I'm behaving like a child...and what happpens to naughty, spoiled children?  Exactly what's about to happen to me....gulp.

I get myself ready and sit on the bed.  The tv is off, the computer is off...all I hear is the hum of the airconditioner and the beating of my heart.  The butterflies have bottom is tingling.  How come you never think about what your butt feels like until you know it's about to get some very prolonged attention?

Time drags....I want him to get here, but at the same time, I don't....b/c I know what is going to happen.

Finally, I hear the elevator ding....I hear his workboots outside the door....I hear his key slide into the lock.  He enters the room and sees me sitting there waiting for him just as I'm instructed.  What is he thinking?  Is he pleased? Annoyed? Resigned? Turned on?

He locks eyes with me and never looks away.  I have seen that look before...that steely gaze that makes most people shudder or shrink.  I do neither.  I return his gaze until I finally blink and look at my hands in my lap. 

"Still bored?"

"No sir"

"I'll show you what bored owe me some corner time.....go now"

He knows how much I hate corner time, but atleast I can keep my clothes.  I turn and face the wall...listening for his movements behind me.  He takes a quick shower, changes into some comfy clothes, breaks open a beer. 

"Bored yet? Enjoying standing there knowing that you are about to be paddled until you can't sit down?"

"No sir"

Come here.....he is sitting on the edge of the bed....sitting down, he is still almost the same height as me. 

"Look at me"   and I do.  I see the love in his eyes, but I also see something else...resolve...determination...

He begins his hard he works to provide for us, how I've acted for the last couple weeks, how I make it so much harder than it needs to be, how I'm spoiled and unappreciative and down right bratty.  How he's tried everything to make things right between us, but I don't want to compromise.  How he has had enough...nothing else has worked, so maybe this will.

I listen...ashamed, disappointed in myself, knowing he is exactly right.  And knowing what is about to come.

"You are going to get a long spanking....I hope this does something to improve your attitude.  You are not going to forget this for quite a while.  If your attitude doesn't improve, we'll do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the you understand me?"

Weakly i nod my head


"Yes, sir"

"Then lets get this over with".  Taking me by the arm, he pulls me face down across his lap.  He lets me lay there a minute to contemplate this position I've found myself in.  Then with no other words, he lands the first smack.  It's hard and it stings.....then the next, and the next.  Sometimes he pauses between smacks, sometimes there are many at once.  He says nothing....which is strange.  Finally, he stops....

".I think that should warm you, lets get down to your attitude"......he reaches up and pulls my panties down to my knees.  I let out a soft whimper.....he begins to spank again....much harder and it stings so much worse on a bare bottom.  This time, he continues to lecture.  Have I forgotten who is in charge? Do I want to be in charge? Do I know how hard he works? What kind of stress he is under? Do I know how hard I make it on him with my constant pouting and griping? 

None of these questions really need an answer....they are driving home my behavior.  And his hand is driving home the consequences.  My bottom is on fire...when he stops. 

"Stand up"

He bends me over the bed....and I hear him start to unbuckle his belt.  He takes his time folding it just the way he likes it. 

"Still bored?"

Ten times he lands the belt on my sit spots.  I can't help but reach back...I know its a no-no, but I can't help it.  He waits until I move my hand and continues with his "lesson".

When he stops, I think, thank god it's over.  But I'm wrong.....

"How many times have we had this exact conversation before? "  "How many times do I have to put up with your sour attitude and stony silence?" 

I don't have an answer...I just tell him I'm sorry. 

"Ofcourse, you're sorry're getting your bottom spanked...and as soon as it's done, it will be right back to where we, I don't think so this need a REAL reminder to watch yourself"

My stomach drops....we don't have a whole lot of implements....and he's already used his belt....most of the rest are just for fun, and some how I don't think that's the reminder he means.  Which means only one thing....the thing I dread most in the world.....the paddle....with the holes"

I do alot of apologizing at this point...almost to the point of begging, but I should have saved my breath.  When my man has made up his mind, only an act of god will change it. 

"I want you to go back to the corner and think about what I've said today.  I want to know if you think you have been fair to me and to us.  Have you been the support I need and deserve?"

So back to the corner I went....this time with a red bottom and no panties.  And as I stood there, I thought about all of snarky attitude, my spoiled brat comments, my cold silence.  I thought of all he had done for me...including bringing me with him to lay at the pool, shop, go out to eat, etc.  I was appalled at my actions.

When he called me back to the bed.  I saw that indeed he had the paddle in his hand (yes, it travels with us). 
"Well? What did you decide"

I told him how I understood and how sorry I was and how I would work on my behavior.

"I know you will....and I'm going to give you a good reason to remember.  You're getting 5 with this paddle on your bare bottom."

I almost died....5 might not seem like alot, but believe me, they are.

He bent me over the corner of the bed...legs spread, chest flat, bottom up in the air. 

I got five hard swats....I was crying after 2....when they were done, he held me in that position while he delivered his final lecture.  I promised to be a good girl and change my attitude...i promised to show my appreciation and support.

Finally he let me up and pulled me onto his lap.  He rubbed my back, and kissed my hair...told me he loved me...told me he knew I could do better. 

When I finally settled down, he kissed my cheeks and lips....he helped me get dressed and asked, "so what would you like to do now?"

Hmmm....I don't know....I'm really bored    :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here's To You

I am constantly amazed at the compassion and support I get through these blogs we all create.  Each one is so special and unique in it's own way...yet we all are striving for the same, peace, and strength through TTWD...or Dd....or whatever you call it at your house.

I was a lurker for so long on so many different sites. What struck me was the comraderie that seemed to exist among all of you.  It was like you were all friends from way back, sharing history and stories, etc. 

I finally got the nerve to comment on Sara's blog....gulp.....but then, guess what?  She replied!!!  Holy cow....she really, really replied!!  I told her once I felt like I was talking to a rock star....she shrugged it off in her unassuming way, but she encouraged me and it's because of her that I decided to give my own blog a shot.

When I started my blog, I really just wanted to see if I could do it.  I had never tried anything like this before, but I love a challenge!  It was so exciting, yet nerve wracking at the same time.  Would anyone read it? Would anyone care what I had to say? Would I be able to keep it up?  Could I be as wise as Sara, as funny as Stormy, as interesting as Rogue.....what would you all think?

I remember typing my first post and nervously hitting the publish button.  I waited....and waited....and waited...guess I expected the trumpets to herald my arrival and for all of you to yell, "Finally!!" and come rushing in.  Strangely enough, that didn't happen  :)  But I was so proud of I kept posting...and lo and day I GOT A COMMENT!!! Honestly, you would have thought Ed McMahon himself was at my door!  I still get excited each time I log on and there's a notification!!  YAY!!

I didn't get many comments after that, and I got really I let it go...but then one day dancing princess left me the sweetest comment ever....she wanted to know more, and to not give I didn't.

As the time has worn on, I have discovered something.  I have a whole new network of  "friends".  I wouldn't know you if we met on the street, but you have let me in your life and you've gotten a peek into mine.I have enjoyed learning each of your stories and I've learned a bit about each of you. I know Sara is so very wise, and understanding and compassionate.  I know that Stormy and Rogue crack me up with their stories, but they are always there with a comforting word or smile.  I know Kay and I are struggling to figure all this out....we just "get" each other.  I know Mick loves his wife and just wants to have a happy, loving marriage.  I know Neo Dom explains the male perspective very well and gives great advice.  I've met Bonnie, Heather, Ashley, PK, Cassie (wink), Annie, Laurie, JW, Kitty........and so many more.  I love reading all your entries.  Some make me smile, some make me cry, some make me laugh so hard I spit on my keyboard, some make me think.....but all of them give me comfort that I am not alone.  You understand.  You don't don't sugar-coat it either when offer support and advice and guidance.  So if I don't ever say it again...

THANK YOU BLOG FRIENDS.... You mean alot to me!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Long, Long Ride...

So, the re-education and re-connection continues.  I have been promised a spanking tonight and it's not going to be the fun kind.  As you know, K and I have been spending alot of time apart due to his work, our moving, etc...etc......

I am finally moved out of my place, but we can't move into OUR house until July 15.  K has had to return to New Orleans for this week, so I've come with him (Hello from The Big Easy).  Our car ride yesterday was anything but pleasant.  We have started to reconnect, but it's still a process.  I have been having some "child stress" and "ex-husband stress" on top of everything else.  I admit walls are up....WAY up...I'm circling the wagons and hunkering down.  I want to let K in...I want him to help...I want to lean on him.  But I'm struggling.

He's so busy, and so tired, and he has all his stress too.  I don't want to add mine to his.  I'm so used to dealing with adversity on my own that its hard for me to realize that someone else would want to share it with me. 

So....back to our car trip.  I'm angry (not at him, but at some of the c-r-a-p that life is throwing my way), I'm disappointed (I want my normal life and routine back), and I'm very distant.  I just want to be left alone to wallow in my dark thoughts....but I can't.  He keeps asking me what he can do (nothing), what can he say (nothing)...he wants to fix it (I know it's a man thing)....right now, he can't. 

I tried to put on a smile...I really, really did...but I'm not a very good actress. I got sassy....and snarky....and downright bitchy (hey, 13 hours in a car will do that).  He took it like a trooper...for about 50 miles.  Then he got quiet....really, really quiet......cue the death march......

If it wouldn't have been a desolate stretch of highway in the dead of night (ok...11:30...but that's late to me), I think he would have pulled the car over right there.  Instead, he just kept driving...silently....

At first, I was angry....then sad....then I pitied myself......I waged all kinds of arguments and justifications in my brain......I sighed.....and huffed.....and finally, I realized how I was acting.  Sure, I can justify all my actions...sure I'm under a lot of stress....and emotional turmoil.  But that doesn't give me the right to dump all over K when he's just trying to help and be supportive.  I don't want him to take out his work frustrations on me and I shouldn't take my family stress out on him.  I expect him to be my rock....not my trash can.  There's a thin line between venting and trashing...and I have a real problem with finding those boundaries.

I am so used to K pulling me back, reigning me in, coming to get me (after I've lost control)....that it's hard for me to take that first step.  But finally, I did reach over and hold his hand.  He squeezed mine, but still never took his eyes off the road or spoke.  I apologized...I told him all my fears and worries....I told him I thought I still had some resentment over our time apart even though I know it couldn't be helped.  He listened and acknowledged my right to feel how I did...however, he told me (and rightly so) that it wasn't ok to take it out on him through my words and actions. He was always going to support me, but I had to let him.. not push him away with hateful and hurtful words. He wasn't putting up with it...ever.  He would support me, but would not be my whipping boy (no pun intended).

The rest of our ride was fine...quiet, but peaceful.....we got here very, very late.  He had to be at work at 6 am.  He awoke me with a kiss and whispered he'd see me tonight.  He also told me to think about the way I had been acting.  He wants me to have a plan of action for us to discuss the next time stress rears (again, no pun intended) its head.  He said we will figure out how to help each other through.  He also told me to enjoy sitting down today, because when he gets back....I will be getting a long, hard spanking to re-adjust my attitude and re-establish our roles.  I'm anxious, the butterflies have started...but I deserve it.  I need it...I want to wipe the slate clean and start over. 

I want from me exactly what I expect of, love, understanding.  When it all comes down to really is K and I against the world.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Re-Connect,Re-Establish, Re-Educate




That's what K and I have been doing this weekend.  And it's not been very pretty.   Not pretty at all.

I read Sara's blog today (  She hit the nail squarely on the head regarding my feelings lately. I guess I had a little more resentment built up than I thought.  I guess I was a little more hurt and sad than I thought.  Follow this recipe...

3 weeks of little to no contact with K + moving (with little to no help from K) + a major confrontation with one of my teenaged children (grrrrr) + little to no discipline......then add in a gallon of PMS, mix thoroughly....and let stew.........what do you get???

An atomic explosion....just waiting to happen.....and it did....Wow, did it happen!

I thought having K home would make everything right again, peacefully, serene.  Boy, was I wrong! We were detached, disconnected, distant.  Don't know if it was me or him, or both.   We just couldn't get in sync....sexually, emotionally, mentallly.....nothing.  I was angry and frustrated...he was confused and tired.  We tried to tiptoe around each other.....until......he said THE WRONG THING.

What he said is umimportant....but the explosion that followed wasn't.   I got angry......really, really angry.  I tried to walk away....he called me back....I argued...he argued....I tried to walk away again....he kept calling me back ( you would think he would have learned to let me cool off, but hasn't)....I tried to explain...he argued.....I tried to remove myself to another room....he kept me there.....I exploded.....I yelled....I cried.....I cussed.....I said mean, hateful things....I raged....and stomped....and cried some more.....all day....and into the evening.

We went to bed very angry with each other....and woke up...very angry with each other.  Finally, K had ENOUGH!  He took me by the shoulders, looked into my eyes and .....apologized (yes, really).  Not for what he had originally said because he still stood behind it, but for letting the argument go on far too long.   He apologized for not stopping it immediately like he should have.  He said he was worried because things had been so tense with us.  He didn't want to upset me right off the bat.  He apologized for letting me free fall into my anger...he apologized for not reeling me back in.  He acknowledged my feelings on the subject of the argument...but didn't change his mind or his stance.   He agreed we would talk about a compromise to avoid the argument in the future.  Then he flipped me on my stomach...and (with the black strap).  

We had our maintenance session last night....and the topic was revisited again......and so was my bottom with the strap .   He has reclaimed his status of HOH...although he never really lost it.  I feel much better about him, and us, and me.  I hope we both can learn from this separation and not let it get so crazy again.  But, if it does, I know he will not hesitate (again) to step in or step up to put us back on track. 

I'm glad he's home.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Help me Please!!


Have you seen this man???

6'5",blond hair, green eyes...answers to the name of K.  Arms the size of small tree trunks, large hands (good for swatting), cute little moustache with about 3 days of beard stubble (also vey cute).

Commanding presence, no nonsense attitude, possessive, protective, opinionated, unyielding, forceful...

Also silly, hilarious,wry, caring, compassionate, intelligent,  has been known to break out into a Carpenters love song after too many hours in a car...

If you see this man, approach cautiously.  He can be extremely dangerous (especially if wielding a belt or paddle).  Whatever you do , DO NOT turn your back on him after sassing, rolling eyes or huffing. 

Please return to me ASAP.  He is missed terribly. 

I can't wait for Sunday.................................

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit