Second Time Submission

One couple's journey to happiness from Top to Bottom

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stress Relief.....

Well, I finally did it.  I asked for I'm kind of proud of myself.  K and I had a REALLY bad week.  Really bad....really, really bad. Did I mention it was bad?  Stress overwhelmed my stress, kid stress, money stress, parent stress...and just to top it all off....storm, tornado, no electricity and no water stress.  I had reached the end of my rope.  I tried to tie a knot in the end and hang on, but I was slipping fast.

K came charging to my rescue. My knight in somewhat rusted armor (nod to Stormy). We had been bickering with each other off and on over the entire week.  Some of it serious, most of it just plain stupid (and, if I MUST admit), most of it my fault. I was arguing about anything and everything....even the color of the sky one day (nope, I'm not kidding...pathetic).

What you must understand is that K and I are separated from one another every Tue-Fri due to family situations.  Luckily, this is about to end and we will be in the same place always....and I can't wait....but I digress......

I didn't need maintenance, I didn't need punishment....I needed relief....and not the rolaids kind either.  So, I told him...I need a spanking...a long, hard, stress relieving spanking. He completely agreed although I could tell he was a bit confused about what that meant.  However, he was more than game to give it a try...I know his hand had been itching to spank me all week.  At bed time we had a long talk about the week that had passed,  how nutso I had been and why, and how we were going to proceed forward.  We actually added a few rules of conduct for me that I know will help curtail some of our silly arguments.  After our discussion, he told me to go to the bedroom, prepare for him...and to pick out 2implements I thought I needed (this was a first, and I must say, I kinda liked it),,,little did I know he was picking the 3rd....

I got a pretty hard spanking...for a pretty long time......and when it was over, I did feel somewhat better. But not totally....K and I snuggled and talked and he asked how I felt..."better", I said.....but.........he looked at me curious....but what??.........I think I need more....he was very surprised....but he complied....and by the time the second one was over, I had found my release....totally.....and man, did I feel better!

I never thought I would be able to ask for more...but I did....because I needed it....and he gave it to me....because he loves, even though TTWD is hard and confusing, maybe, just maybe, we're starting to figure it (and each other) out....for now.

Here's hoping for a nice, calm, relaxing week....

Friday, May 27, 2011

I know just what she needs.....

I have a confession....I am a trash tv junkie...mainly the" Real Housewives" series. I know, I's bad....really, really bad....but it's like a train wreck and I can't look away.

Am I the only one that thinks a lot of these women just need a good, hard spanking? I mean honestly....who acts like that? Talks to their husband like that?  And gets away with it?

I really enjoy the "housewives", and I use that term VERY loosely, from Orange County.  I've been dissecting the relationship between Alexis and her husband, and if I'm not mistaken, there has GOT to be some DD aspects to that marriage.  Every week, she uses phrases such as "head of household", "my leader",
"submissive", etc.  I've even got K watching snippets to get his opinion...although the fact that she is very attractive is an added bonus for his sacrifice, lol.

This got me wondering if there were other show out there with undertones of TTWD. I always heard that I Love Lucy was one of the forebearers. Anyone have any thoughts?

Everyone have a great Memorial Day....and root for Tony Kanaan in the Indy 500....I've got him in the "office pool"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

World Wide Web....Here I Come

I'm going public....I think.  I've been trying my hand at this blogging thing.  I really enjoy it...almost as much as reading all my favorites.  I'm just wondering if I have anything to say that would be of interest to others....

So for now, I'll write for myself and see if I can make some sense out of TTWD.  Just when I think I have it all figured out, something new comes along....but, I guess that's just life, isn't it?

Some of the things I've learned so far:

1.  I need a dominant man who can and will set limits and boundaries for our relationship and my actions.
2.  Fantasizing about a spanking and get one in real-life are two TOTALLY different things.
3.  Nothing can prepare you for the myriad of emotions you feel when a spanking, especially for punishment, is emminent.
4.  A spanking can fulfill many needs....stress relief, emotional release, guilt riddance, reinforcement of relationship bonds....
5.  A spanking is NOT the answer to all problems.
6.  Communication....LOTS of the cornerstone of this arrangement
7.  TTWD is a lifestyle....not a passing fancy, fetish, or fad.
8.  I can't imagine not having this in my life.
9.  I have a man who loves me enough to take on the HOH can't be easy....but he makes it look that way.
10.  I have never felt this content and secure

so....thanks for stopping by.  Please leave me a comment if you wish....I love reading them.  Here's mud in your eye....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Maintenance Agreement

I have been reading with interest how some DD relationships utilize maintenance spankings.  When we first started TTWD, K and I only used spankings for punishment.  Since then (a little more than a year ago), we have incorporated regular weekly or bi-weekly maintenance spankings into our routine.  I can't imagine not having them each week.  They do so many things to bolster our relationship.  Thought I would share our routine and rules (yes, we actually have this written down and review it at least once a month) .  This is what works for us, does anyone else have something or some way different to share?

Our DD "agreement" includes the following about maintenance spankings:

Maintenance Spankings:

It is our belief that regular maintenance spankings should and will be given for the following reasons:
1.  As a reminder to be a "good girl"
2.  To firmly re-establish the "roles" of our relationship and strengthen our bonds as dominant and submissive.
3.  To avoid letting small issues interfere with our relationship.
4.  As a reminder that punishment spankings will hurt much worse and should be avoided at all costs.
5.  To curtail any borderline behavior.

Maintenance spankings will be given using the following guidelines:

1.  The will be conducted on Sunday evenings before bedtime at a location determined by K.
2.  If not able to be given then, they will take place on the first available evening following.
3.  Each session will begin with a review and discussion of our relationship rules and any changes or amendments that have been made.  Also, any issues not addressed or resolved during the previous week will be discussed at this time.
4.  Spanking guidelines:
     A.  will be given with hand only
     B.  Will be given over K's knee or over pillows on the bed
     C.  No corner time will be given
      D.  It is agreed that the spanking should be long enough and hard enough to make a strong impression but not nearly as severe as a punishment spanking
      E.  Cuddling/Soothing/Reassurance will be given freely after.
     F.  Sex is not only permitted but encouraged following each session.
    G.  All transgressions will be forgiven and a clean slate given for the upcoming week.

We have modified these somewhat since the beginning...for instance, K now starts with his hand but usually finishes with the leather strap and his big belt.  The connection we have following these sessions is so strong, I can't imagine not having them regularly.  Sometimes, when I've been especially stubborn, sassy, or unsubmissive, K will declare an "all ass weekend"....all ass, all the time.....I usually get back on track very quickly!!  I am curious to know how other DD couples conduct frequently....with what implements...and do you have a ritual.....I look forward to hearing your comments.